WT-2GP Engga Automatic Voltage Regulator

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The Engga WT-2 automatic Voltage Regulator is an encapsulated unit contained in a plastic case. The regulator controls the dc exciter field power of conventional 50 or 60 Hertz brushless generators. AVRs have been designed to automatically regulate the voltage output so that there is no power surge to damage delicate electronics in various machines.  There are many different reasons for voltage fluctuation like location on the distribution line or the proximity to large electric consumers. The voltage regulator allows delivery of a standard voltage at all times. Electronics are particularly susceptible to variations in voltage and high and low voltages can overheat the equipment and damage it irreparably. The cost of new machines is not the only problem as the down time and increased scrap and rework costs also need to be taken into account. Increased labour and overtime many be necessary to avoid late or missed deliveries and there could also be a reduced customer satisfaction rate which can affect the business.
Technical specifications of WT-2 Engga Automatic Voltage Regulator

Input Voltage of between 190 and 264 Vac
Weight of 0.75kg
Voltage 90 Vdc
Operating Temperature of between -40 degrees Celsius and 85 degrees Celsius
Frequency of 50 or 60 Hertz
Current is continuous 8 Amp dc
Intermittent current of 15 Amp for 10 seconds
Regulation of about 1

Characteristics of WT-2 Engga Automatic Voltage Regulator
The Engga WT-2 has been designed for use with brushless generators that have a max 63 Vdc exciter field. Regulation is provided by sensing the generator output voltage, converting it to a dc signal and comparing the signal to a reference voltage signal an error signal is developed and used to control the dc field power. This enables the unit to maintain a constant generator output voltage. There are four potentiometers which allow easy adjustment of important settings. The volt potentiometer allows for easy adjustment of the output voltage which depends on the characteristics of the generator. The internal potentiometer allows for basic settings while the external one allows for fine tuning.

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