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The Engga WT-3 automatic voltage regulator has been designed for use in brushless generators.  Automatic voltage regulators are the modern but better equivalent of the electromechanical voltage regulator. The unit is used to stabilise the voltage as the load on the generator changes. These solid state devices are light, durable and affordable. The work on a feedback control system that measures the output voltage of the generator and compares it to a set point which has been established by the operator. If it detects a difference in the output voltage it sends a signal to adjust the excitation of the generator. As the excitation current in the field winding of the generator increases its terminal voltage will increase. The automatic voltage regulator will control current by using power electronics and usually a small part of the generators output provides current for the field winding.
Technical Specifications of the WT-3 Engga Automatic Voltage Regulator

Power input is between 70 to 140 Volts ac
Sensor detected between 220 and 480 Volts ac
Maximum output in dc is 10 Amps at 125 Volts
Adjustment rate is better that 0.5
Weight is 1 kg
Size is 20 by 16 by 6 centimetres

Benefits of using the WT-3 Engga Automatic Voltage Regulator
Voltage levels change all the time and can cause irreparable damage to delicate and sensitive electronic equipment. As more industrial equipment uses electronics to better production and provide a higher quality of manufacture it leaves the company susceptible to costly failure of equipment caused by voltage changes. The most damaging variation is the power surge. It can overheat and destroy many electronic units. It is not only the damage and cost of replacing the units but also a number of other hidden costs. As a business you are usually on a tight deadline for production and delivery of goods. There may be an increase in scrap or rework which will add to the cost. Your labour force may have to work overtime and you may still miss some delivery deadlines.  To avoid all these problem install an automatic voltage regulator and know your machines and productivity are safe.

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