YES1-GP 1250AMP 4-POLE Automatic Changeover Switch

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An automatic transfer switch should be chosen on the size of the generator and the supply of power needed. There are many different sizes available to suit any generator and any distribution of emergency power required. The YES1 1250GA 4 pole ATS switch will change the way you look at emergency power. It will automatically detect the loss of voltage and current in the mains power and send a signal to the generator to turn on. Once it is running and the power output is stable it will change the incoming power from mains to generator. Once the mains power returns it will switch off the generator and re-establish full mains power to the building again. It has the facility to send power to critical systems only or to the entire building depending on power availability.
Technical specifications of the YES1-GP 1250AMP 4-POLE Automatic Changeover Switch
The YES1 1250GA 4 pole ATS has a rated current of 1250 Amps. It can work accurately in temperatures of between -10 degrees Celsius and 50 degrees Celsius. The unit can be safely stored at temperatures of between -20 degrees Celsius and 70 degrees Celsius. The unit is a 3 phase automatic transfer switch. It has a rapid transfer time of 0.45 seconds and is an integrated type with self input and self recovery function. These well manufactured units are ISO9001:2008 and have passed the EMCIEC6100-4 electromagnetic compatibility test.
Benefits of using the YES1-GP 1250AMP 4-POLE Automatic Changeover Switch
The greatest benefit of using an automatic transfer switch is that the user does not need to be on site to ensure constant power. The transfer switch is well manufactured from high quality materials and when correctly installed will work efficiently for many years. The ability to prioritize critical circuits and make sure they are always supplied with power is essential to many businesses like hospitals or call centres. One of the safety features of the unit is the disconnection of the mains power so that there is no feedback into the line from the generator.

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