YES1-GP 160AMP 4-POLE Automatic Changeover Switch

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This unit is also called a transfer load isolating switch and is composed of two load isolating switches piled top to bottom or side by side. This assembly is suitable for the shift of two-way power and provides safe isolation. The transfer switch meets the IEC60947-3 and GB14048.3 standards. The small size and compact design make for easy installation of the unit. The unit weighs only 1.5 Kilograms. This unit is extremely affordable and when correctly fitted will provide many years of service. The unit is operated by means of a handle which is installed on the switch. If the unit is fitted inside a distribution board the handle can be fitted on the outside of the board and an observation window can be installed. The units range from 125 Amps up to units of 3150 Amps.
Benefits of YES1-GP 160AMP 4-POLE Automatic Changeover Switch
The transfer switch plays an essential role in keeping critical electrical load functioning during power outages. Most large factories as well as hospitals and data centres and many other commercial and institutional facilities require a constant supply of power. When the mains power fails they need to have a backup power source like a generator. Transfer switches are a means of quickly and safely transitioning all critical electric circuits from one power source to the other. With a manual transfer switch the generator needs to be switched on and running correctly before the transfer is made. When the mains power is restored the generator can be switched off and the power routed back to mains supply.
Characteristics of the YES1-GP 160AMP 4-POLE Automatic Changeover Switch
The switching mechanism is the part of the transfer switch that is physically responsible for carrying the rated electrical current and shifting the connection from one power source to another. The other option for routing the power is the automatic transfer switch which is more intricate than the manual switch and therefore more expensive. These units are built from high quality materials to the highest standards.

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