YES1-GP 2000AMP 3POLE Automatic Changeover Switch

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The automatic transfer switch is an efficient way to ensure that there is continuous power in a factory. This electrical switch can turn the incoming power from mains to the generator as soon as it detects the voltage and current drop. The mains power supply can fail for any number of reasons and if there is no backup generator the factory will be left with the work force standing idle and production at a halt. The automatic transfer switch can also command the backup generator to start. It will automatically close all connections with the mains power before it allows the generator power through the system. This is to prevent any feed back down the mains line.
Benefits of the YES1-GP 2000AMP 3POLE Automatic Changeover Switch
No matter where the switch is located it is always difficult to find when the lights go out and many switches are installed out of the way in places that are hard to reach. The automatic transfer switch needs no manual assistance and will switch power when it detects the loss of current in the line. Regardless of the time it will command the generator to start and introduce the power into the factory. If the generator is only there to keep critical units running the ATS can be programmed to funnel the available power to these units and exclude the rest of the system. As soon as mains power is returned the ATS will switch the input power back to mains supply and then turn the generator off.
The unit is sturdy and durable and is manufactured to a very high standard. The unit is rated for a maximum of 2000 Amps. The rapid transfer will keep power flow almost seamless allowing a guaranteed supply of power. The time delay feature stops the generator switching on for momentary power outages and prevents the generator from multiple starts and stops which could cause overheating and eventual failure of the generator unit.

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