YES1-GP 400AMP 3-POLE Automatic Changeover Switch

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This essential unit is an electric switch that changes the load between two sources. It is usually used on the input power and a standby generator. This allows the switch to automatically send the generator power into the factory when it detects that the mains power has gone off. Only one of these power sources can be used at a time and the automatic transfer switch will block out the mains power when it turns to the generator power. This is to safeguard the technicians working on the mains power line as feedback from live wires can be lethal.
Benefits of the YES1-GP 400AMP 3-POLE Automatic Changeover Switch
These units can be installed in commercial as well as domestic situations. The switch can often turn on the generator when it senses the drop in power from the main power in feed. Once the generator is providing sufficient power it opens the connection to the home or factory. If the generator is a small standby unit there may only be enough power for essential units and the ATS will have priority circuits which will then be powered. If the generator is large it may be able to power the entire building using a soft loading which will seamlessly transfer power from one source to another and back again. These are two completely separate power systems which should always be completely isolated from each other. When the main power supply is restored the automatic transfer switch will turn the generator off and restore the main power.
Features of the YES1-GP 400AMP 3-POLE Automatic Changeover Switch
The units are compact in design and operate in moderate temperature of around 0 degrees up to around 40 degrees. The unit is usually place near the generator system, enclosed in a strong and durable box which is mounted on the wall or inside a power cabinet. There is usually an emergency source failure alert indicator and diagnostic function. The switches normally have an adjustable time delay feature to prevent the switch from being activated during a momentary power outage.

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