YES1-GP 400AMP 4-POLE Automatic Changeover Switch

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The automatic transfer switch is essential for all standby and emergency generators. This invaluable device switches the load between two sources. A manual switch is available but this means that someone needs to be in attendance at all times to operate it should main power be lost. The automatic transfer switch will sense when the source of power is lost and switch to standby power by itself. It will also sense when the main power is returned and switch off the generator and reconnect the mains power. The automatic transfer switch is usually installed where the backup generator is located. As well as transferring the load to the backup generator the automatic transfer switch may also command the backup generator to start based on the voltage monitored on the primary supply.
Ideal use of the YES1-GP 400AMP 4-POLE Automatic Changeover Switch
This unit is needed for individuals who wish to use an electric generator as a source of backup power for a home or small business. Transfer switches are recognised as the only safe alternative for connecting an electrical load to the generator for the entire house. If a generator was introduced to a home without an isolation mechanism of any sort it would prove disastrous to the generator and to the power company workers who may be repairing a fault on a supposedly dead line. The automatic transfer switch disconnects and isolates the mains power before allowing the generators power to take over power supply.
Specifications of the YES1-GP 400AMP 4-POLE Automatic Changeover Switch

400 Amps
50 Hertz frequency
Load control time delay
Indoor or outdoor enclosure
Contact transfer speed less than 100 milliseconds

There are a number of options that can be added to an automatic transfer switch. These include an alarm which sounds when the mains power fails. The transfer switch can be configured to supply only critical circuits or if there is adequate power it can supply the entire system. Ideal for areas where frequent power failures occur.

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