YES1-GP 630AMP 3-POLE Automatic Changeover Switch

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An automatic transfer switch is a device that automatically transfers a power supply from its primary source to a backup source when it senses a failure or outage in the primary source. When a failure of the main power supply occurs the device switches to the backup power source such as a generator. Some transfer switches have the ability to start up a backup power source to enable the electrical equipment to continue working until the main power supply is returned. Since the automatic transfer switch is connected to both power supplies it serves as an intermediary between equipment and the power supplies acting as an electrical relay.
Benefits of using the YES1-GP 630AMP 3-POLE Automatic Changeover Switch
No power utility can guarantee that their power will never break down as there are many reasons for power outages. If you are totally reliant on a constant power supply to keep a business running then you must have a backup generator capable of running all essential machinery if not all the equipment in a factory. This ensures that you are relatively independent of mains power in an emergency. Homes that rely on power for heating and cooling should also have a backup unit. The Automatic transfer switch has been designed to be a safety measure by isolating the mains electrical lines. If they were not isolated in a power outage the power could flow down the cables and electrocute the workers as they will be expecting a dead line.
Features of the YES1-GP 630AMP 3-POLE Automatic Changeover Switch
The unit is a modern design with high quality electronics. It is compact in size and will comfortable fit into any area near the generator. The enclosure is strong and durable and is often enclosed inside a power cabinet. An emergency source failure alarm is often fitted as well as a diagnostic function. There is normally an adjustable time delay feature to prevent the switch from being activated during momentary power outages. If power supply is a critical need you should to have a generator and an ATS.

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