YGLZ-250 3-POLE 250AMP Manual Transfer Switch

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This unit is compact in size and design and can be trusted to function efficiently as it is manufactured in China from high grade materials. It has been designed as a manual transfer switch which means that unlike the automatic transfer switch it must be triggered by the user when required. There are many businesses that only operate during the day and only require back up power during normal working hours. The automatic transfer switch will operate round the clock and if the power fails at night it could have the generator running to no purpose and will waste fuel. The manual transfer switch allows the user total control over power flow. It is easy to install but must still be fitted by a qualified electrician.
Characteristics of the YGLZ-250 3-POLE 250AMP Manual Transfer Switch
The manual transfer switch should be installed in an electrical cabinet with the handle on the outside. It can operate in a wide range of temperatures from -5 degrees Celsius up to 40 degrees Celsius. It needs to be protected from the elements and should not be used in an area where there are volatile gases. The unit is perfect for a residential dwelling or a small business where the owner or staff can turn on a generator if there is a power failure and operate the switch. The primary advantage of a manual transfer switch is the reasonable price compared to the automatic transfer switch. It is lower in cost to manufacture than the automatic transfer switch. A window is usually fitted in the cabinet to allow the user to view the status of the switch.
Benefits of using the YGLZ-250 3-POLE 250AMP Manual Transfer Switch
This switch has an added safety feature in that it will isolate the main power supply from the building and the standby generator power from the main power lines. This is to protect any feed back into the main lines. The repair workers who are fixing the lines could be electrocuted by power feeding back into dead lines.

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