YGLZ-630 3-POLE 630AMP Manual Transfer Switch

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The YGLZ-630 3 pole 630 Amp manual transfer switch is part of the YGLZ series and is a unit that switches the input power between two sources. These sources are usually the main electrical supply and a standby generator. The switch enables the user to maintain power when there is a power blackout. When the main power fails the standby generator can be started and the switch thrown. This automatically isolates the main power lines from the system as it could be dangerous to have live current flowing through supposedly deadlines. The repair crew could be badly electrocuted by these live lines. Most modern appliances and equipment have electronic components which are very sensitive to current and voltage surges or drops in power and can easily be damaged.
Benefits of the YGLZ-630 3-POLE 630AMP Manual Transfer Switch
This unit is more affordable than an automatic transfer switch and in certain circumstances is all that is needed to efficiently control the two power sources. An operator is required to physically turn the switch. Since the user will have to start the generator first the switch is often placed near the standby plant. A large generator will be able to comfortably run the entire house or office equipment. If a smaller unit is used it can be wired to only supply power to critical areas such as lights and computers or heating and cooling systems.
Specifications of the YGLZ-630 3-POLE 630AMP Manual Transfer Switch
These units are cost efficient and are made in China from high quality materials. The YGLZ series meets the IEC60947-3 and GB14048.3 standards. The small size and compact design of the unit make for easy installation which still needs to be done by a competent electrician. The unit is operated by means of a handle which is installed on the switch. The unit can operated in temperatures between 5 to 40 degrees Celsius. The unit must be in a cabinet out of all weather and protected from rain.Products.

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