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Varistors come in a wide range of voltage limits. They have their specifications printed on them. The name varistor is a combination of variable and resistor and is only used for non-ohmic varying resistors. This is an electric component with an electrical resistant that varies with the applied voltage. It is also known as a voltage dependent resistor and has a nonlinear, non-ohmic current voltage characteristic. This is a relationship between electric current through a circuit, device or material and the corresponding voltage across it. The varistor is similar to a diode but in contrast to a diode however it has the same characteristic for both directions of traversing current. At  a low voltage it has a high electrical resistance which decreases as the voltage is raised.
Characteristics of the YMD-002 varistor
These units are used as control or compensation elements in circuits, either to provide optimal operating conditions or to protect sensitive and delicate components against damage by transient voltages. When these units are used as protective devices they shunt the current created by excess voltage away from the delicate and sensitive components which would otherwise sustain possible terminal damage. The most common type of varistor is the metal oxide varistor also known as an MOV. This consists of a ceramic mass of zinc oxide in a matrix of other metal oxides and is sandwiched between two metal plates. These plates are the electrodes.
Uses of the YMD-002 Varistor
A varistor is primarily used for suppressing line voltage surges. These surges can do immense damage to an electronic device. There are two main reasons for a varistor to fail. The first being a surge of electricity through the input line which can be caused by lightening. The enormous power of such a surge is enough to melt or even vaporise the varistor as the energy involved is many magnitudes higher than the varistor can handle. The second most common reason is cumulative degradation which happens slowly over time. Each surge that the varistor experiences weakens the unit until it is no longer capable of functioning. Order your YMD-002 varistor from Generator Parts today.

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