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The varistor is an electronic component that has an electrical resistance that varies with the applied voltage. It is known as a voltage dependent resistor and it has a nonlinear, non-ohmic current voltage characteristic that is similar to a diode but where the diode is either positive or negative the varistor has the same characteristic for both directions of traversing current. Varistors are used as control or compensation elements in circuits either to provide optimal operating conditions or to protect against excessive transient voltages. When used as a protection device it shunts the current created by excessive voltage away from sensitive components.
Characteristics of the YMD-003 varistor black
The most common type of varistor is the metal oxide varistor or MOV. It contains a ceramic mass of zinc oxide grains in a matrix with other metal oxides which is sandwiched between two metal plates which are the electrodes. They are typically used for suppressing line voltage surges. They are specified according to the voltage range that they can tolerate without damage. They have an energy rating in joules, operating voltage, response time, maximum current and breakdown or clamping voltage. The response time of the unit is not standardised but can be slowed down by the induction of component leads and the mounting method. The response time is however regarded as insignificant as they are all measured in nanoseconds.
Uses of the YMD-003 varistor black
Generators, motor relays and transformers represent typical sources of induction transients. Switching inductive loads on or off can generate high energy transients that intensify in magnitude with increased heavy loads. The units are designed and equipped to withstand large amounts of energy and divert this potentially destructive energy away from sensitive electronics further downstream. The black epoxy on a varistor offers improved performance for high tempertures, however stresses above the listed as absolute maximum ratings may cause permanent damage to the device and an enormous voltage surge as in the case of a lightning strike can cause the varistor to melt or even vaporise. Order your YMD-003 varistor black from Generator Parts today.

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