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Shop Load Shedding Essentials

Load shedding is here to stay as is apparent in the last few weeks. While it is frustrating, the adage ‘forewarned is forearmed’ is particularly true. By ensuring that you can continue with business as usual, you needn’t let load shedding be a problem.  We have a variety of load shedding essentials that you shouldn’t be without. From smart battery chargers,  LED lights, power banks to different sized interactive UPS, you can face the next load shedding episode with confidence.

Let’s have a look at affordable, top quality load shedding essentials:

  • Magneto LED Solar Lantern: an innovative rechargeable LED solar light. It offers up to 4 hours of light on a single charge, making it an extremely handy light for your home. As it is solar powered, it charges easily in sunlight. It also has a standard USB port which means you can charge your cell phone too.
  • Phillips SCB141WB Smart Charger: this is a smart battery charger with a microprocessor control. It is easy to use, fast and is suitable for charging 2 or 4 AA and AAA batteries at a time.
  • 10400 MAh Power Bank with Flash Light: available in green, red, white or pink, it also has 2 USB outlets – great if you need to complete a document on your laptop or iPad, as well as a handy built in LED flashlight.
  • Interactive UPS: these handy essentials come in 5 different sizes, each of which is designed to keep your necessary electronics functioning during a power outage. Each has an AVR which protects your electronics against both power outages and poor power quality. The available sizes are 650V, 850V, 1100V, 1500V and 2000V. While they are small – with the smallest weighing in at 5.6 kgs, and the largest at 10.5 kgs, they are versatile and can be used both at home and in the workplace. They are manufactured by Eaton, a trusted leading manufacturer known for its high quality products.

With our handy essentials, you can continue as usual, even in load shedding!  We are available to assist you when you need us. If you have any questions about out load shedding essentials, you are welcome to contact us through our handy WhatsApp number.

Want to find out more about our load shedding essentials? Speak to a friendly consultant at Generator Controls today.