SmartGen Controllers Range
SmartGen Controllers

SmartGen Controllers Range

SmartGen controllers are known for their reliability and durability. Configured correctly, they will ensure effective monitoring of your generator, along with precise monitoring of operating parameters and many protection capabilities. A Genset typically consists of 3 parts. These include the engine, alternator and controller. The controller is the ‘brain’ part of the system. It assists with engine start up, shut down, data measurement, data display as well as fault protection. Additionally, it also provides power measurement, display and protection functions for the generator. SmartGen controllers are designed for use in generator automation and monitoring.

Choose from a broad range:

HAT530N Smartgen Controller: this has a powerful microprocessor which allows for precision voltage measuring, ensures accurate determining of abnormal voltage and controls the ATS to transfer after delay has expired.

HGM410N Smartgen Controller: a reliable unit, it also has a microprocessor to enables precise measurements along with constant value adjustments with timing and threshold settings.

HGM420N Smartgen Controller: suitable for use in all types of automatic GenSet control systems. It is small and compact, advanced circuits, is easy to connect and offers high reliability.

HAT560N Smartgen Controller: this system has an intelligent dual-supply module. It includes functions that can be configured, offers automatic measurements along with an LCD display and digital communication. It is an ideal option for ATS.

HGM7220CAN Smartgen Controller with Cambus: this model is designed for use with generator automation and monitoring. Extremely reliable, it is ideal for use in an automatic GenSet control system. It has a compact structure with simple connections.

HGM9510 Smartgen Controller: it is designed specifically for manual or automatic parallel system generators with either a similar or different capacity. It is also suitable for a single unit constant power output and mains paralleling.

Benefits of SmartGen Controllers:

SmartGen controllers have strong resistance to anti-electromagnetic interference. They are also easy to maintain and upgrade should it become necessary. The SmartGen have a compact structure, are easy to wire and are highly regarded for their reliability and durability. On top of that, they are an affordable option.
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